Thank You

we all love you DM Bagby
The outpouring of condolences, memories, and thoughtful deeds that have come our way during our father’s illness and after his death have enriched our lives and filled us with gratitude.  We’d like to thank:

  • The teachers and students from D.M. Bagby Elementary School who made wonderful get well cards for Ace;
  • Bob and Charlene who helped us get the word out to retired teachers;
  • Joanne, Phyllis and Hareg from Hospice of the Valley whose professional help steadied our nerves and whose friendliness and care made Ace’s eyes light up when he saw them;
  • Pam and her crew of caregivers from Heart to Heart, Taia, Tonga, Lisa, Leslie and Fane, whose diligent and gentle care kept Ace comfortable around the clock;
  • Our fabulous neighbors (plus Howie and Lori) who provided food, medical advice, laughter and memories, who ran errands, helped us solve problems and, most importantly, spent heart-to-heart time with Ace;
  • All the friends and relatives who offered their love and support to Ace and his family through countless acts of kindness.