The Searcher

There was a little plaque hanging in Ace’s office that I think describes his brand of spirituality to a tee. We don’t know the back story of how it got there, but The Searcher by Thomas Blake says it perfectly:

I looked for my soul

But my soul I could not see,

I looked for my God

But my God eluded me,

I looked for a friend

And then I found all three,

(Thomas Blake)


A Relative Rivalry

“Cardinals vs. Giants!  Next week, my beloved St. Louis Cardinals will play Ace’s beloved Giants in SF.  Rather than wallow in sadness at not being able to kid him when the Cardinals sweep the series ( haha), I remember the many fun letters we passed back and forth over the years about sports.

“He loved his sports and sports teams!  And he loved his family and his cousins!!  I remember very well the reunion held in Wichita, Kansas many years ago. I treasure the video of that fun summer!”

~Becky O’Neal

Bagby School Opens


Going through some old photos in Dad’s office and I discovered one I had never seen. It appears as if this was taken as Bagby School was just built, probably before the official dedication. The year would be 1958.

(Click on photo to see it enlarged.)

The License Plate Challenge

Dee’s niece Donna (English) Tronca remembers this:

Although I wasn’t there, I remember Uncle Dee and Aunt Barbara telling this story. The Bagby family was riding in the car. There was a discussion about a previous car the family owned. Uncle Dee offered $50 to anyone who could remember the license plate number of the previous car, and immediately Josh rattled off the numbers. I would have loved to have seen Uncle Dee’s and Aunt Barbara’s jaws drop. But I don’t know how the story ended. Did Josh ever see the $50?

Uh, no.

The license plate number was CYF643.

Seemed like a slam-dunk boost in my finances at the time, but Mom and Dad were quick to introduce the concept of “read the fine print.”



Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day, Ace Bagby!

This photo of Ace was taken by neighbor Sarah Debs when she visited him at the end of March, 2014. He always loved their visits. Not only was she a great conversationalist and photographer, but she also brought cookies.

His Cheerful Smile and Wonderful Stories

“We were so sad to hear about Ace’s passing. We will miss his cheerful smile and wonderful stories.

“I’ll always remember the day he hired me in 1966, in the master bedroom that they said was his office. It was the 60s. I figured all districts interviewed that way. How fortunate to be hired into the Cambrian District!”

~Patricia and Arthur Yotsuya

The Fun of Ace

“Ace made working at Cambrian District unique in a fun way, faculty shows, golf tournaments and BBQ’s in his back yard. The golf was poor, but the BBQ the best. The Boss encouraged and participated in these events and set the tone for all of us.”

Ted Jones