An Extraordinary Superintendent

“Mr. Bagby was an extraordinary superintendent and a person of great character. He supported all the teachers in the Cambrian School District, and held every teacher he hired in high regard, and treated each one with respect. He was very personable and had good public relations skills when he related to other administrators, teachers, parents, staff, and students. He had a positive attitude, was a very happy person, and always had a smile n his face. It was a pleasure being in his company.

“I was a student teacher from San Jose State and had my regular education and Special Education assignments in the Cambrian School District in 1964. Mrs. Beatrice Henkel was my resident teacher at Fammatre School during my Special Education assignment.

“I was hired by Mr. Bagby in the spring of 1964 and taught at Fammatre School from 1964 to 1965 and at Bagby School from 1965 to 1966. It was an honor and a privilege to serve under Mr. Bagby and to serve the parents and the students in the Cambrian School District.

“I will forever be grateful that Mr. Bagby and Mrs. Henkel started me on my teaching career approximately five decades ago. My career expanded over four decades. Public school teaching is one of the best professions in our entire country.

“Mr. Bagby will be terribly missed, and he will remain in the hearts and minds of all who loved, respected, and admired him.”

~Dorothy G. Kolb


A Remarkable Leader

“My mother, Bertha Jensen, was the Cafeteria Food Supervisor for Cambrian School District for 18 years. Ace was always so kind and considerate during her years from one school (Cambrian) to nine schools to be in charge of. We so admired his love for your mother and his family. Ace was a man who thought a great deal of others.

“Remembering a remarkable leader in the Education Field, loving family man, and outstanding friend. It was an honor to be a small part of his life.”

~Ken and Bobbi Sheets

I am Lucky to Have Known Him

“I first met your dad in 1966. I found him in the Yellow Pages. He gave me a job and a chance for life in California. We have been friends ever since.

“Of late, I have been sending him postcards from my travels. He always responded, and he sent me address labels to remind me to send these cards.

“He has been a constant inspiration. I am lucky to have known him.”

~Jo (and Joe) Gibbons

Forty-five Years of Wonderful Memories

“We are so sad to hear of Ace passing away. We knew him as an employer, the superintendent of the schools our sons went through and most of all as a dear and much loved friend. After he retires, Barb and Ace became close friends and we saw each other often, We lunched together and enjoyed talking about what our grown kids were doing. Forty-five years of wonderful memories is what we will cherish.”

~Myrna and Bruce Van Huystee

Cambrian’s Corner in Heaven

“I was sorry to learn of Ace’s passing just yesterday. What a joy it must have been to be part of his family.

“I just wanted to let you know what a great friend he has been to my parents, Ed and Jean Carman.

“I can just imagine them all together in heaven — along with all the others from the early days of the Cambrian School District, a wonderful group of dedicated individuals.”

~Nancy Schramm

Hang in There

“I was so sory to learn of Ace’s passing, but let me tell you, he has made such a lasting impression on me. When I was ill, Ace called me at home every week and sall he said was, ‘You know somebody loves and cares about you. Hang in there.’

“Those calls were very important to me because I was merely a secretary and he was our former superintendent. His smile and enthusiasm will be with me forever.”

~Jackie Adams

We Will Miss You, Ace

“‘Ace Bagby’ — just the name brings thoughts of a man of integrity, joy, and caring. Ace was such sn important part of my life and my kindergarten children’s well-being for so many years. He was a wonderful leader, extremely helpful, and a delight as he made us laugh as he stood on his hands on the teacher’s desk.

“Ace was a pleasure to know and to work with. He always had a solution to problems. I appreciate the many things I learned from him. Ace made everyone feel special. He always took the time needed to make life happy.

“Truly Ace was a gift to our world, a one of a kind in the highest order. Ace will be truly missed by all who knew him. For his accomplishments, love, and caring, he achieved the best life offers and shared it with us. We will miss you Ace. We love you.”

~Martha Lou Reynolds