When Judy Was Being Born

Another story from the memory vaults of Donna (English) Tronca, Ace’s niece.

Mom and Dad were at the hospital. It was in the morning, I think, and Mom was in labor. Jack and I were at grandma’s house. Barbara, Dee, Josh and Bobbie were there too. I was sitting on the sofa in the living room. The telephone rang. I don’t remember who answered it, but somehow the message got upstairs to Uncle Dee. I remember him excitedly running down the stairs in his boxer shorts. About half way down he stopped and exclaimed, “You have a baby sister, and her name is Judith.”

Yea! That was the name I chose. Well actually I wanted “Judy” but mom said, if a girl, her name would be Judith Ann, and we could call her Judy. Mom had discussed naming a girl Cynthia. But I don’t think the rest of us were warm and fuzzy over that one.

This name thing was going through my mind while still sitting there shocked at seeing Uncle Dee in his boxer shorts! A very vivid memory 60 years later! Funny, I don’t remember our ever discussing names for boys.

Too bad nobody had a camera for that auspicious moment.



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