When Dan Met Ace

When Ace became bedridden during the last few days of his life, his niece Donna (English) Tronca wrote some of her memories about Uncle Dee. Who?

When Dan and I visited a couple of years ago, it would be his first meeting with the California clan. A highlight of the visit was our stop in Los Gatos. I had, of course, primed him with stories of all the relatives. Dan was a bit confused about why Uncle Dee goes by different names in the family. I don’t know why, so wasn’t able to offer a definitive answer. But while we were visiting the Bagbys, somehow that discussion came up. I’ve always called him Uncle Dee, sometimes Delos. Judy, the same, Jack too, I believe. I remember Mom and Dad went back and forth between Dee and Ace. So Dan was still confused.

Uncle Dee got up from the sofa, walked over to the chair where Dan was sitting, stood over him and announced in his authoritative voice, “You can call me Ace.” Dan replied, “Yes, sir.” And thus it has been.

I do remember while  growing up the oddity of hearing people use different names for my dad. Family called him one thing; school people called him something else.

There wasn’t much confusion for me, though. I called him Dad.


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