Watching Cartoons

Dee’s niece Donna (English) Tronca shares this memory.

I remember Jack and I being at Barbara and Dee’s house one summer. It wasn’t the house on Daves Avenue. It was small, and there were awnings on the outside over the windows. That was an unusual site for me. Mom said they were used to shade the windows from the hot sun.

I remember sitting on the floor in the living room with Bobbie, Josh, and Jack. Uncle Dee darkened the room by pulling down roller shades, I think. He was doing something with a film projector. Then suddenly, lights, action, camera! Cartoons appeared on the wall! I have a fuzzy memory of crow characters, or something like that.

But what I remember most is the sound made by the projector, and the sound of Uncle Dee laughing at the cartoon. I thought how amazing to have the movies right there on the wall in the living room!

I, too, remember what a great treat it was when Dad showed movies on the wall.


One thought on “Watching Cartoons

  1. Cardinals vs. Giants! Next week, my beloved St. Louis Cardinals will play Ace’s beloved Giants in SF. Rather than wallow in sadness at not being able to kid him when the Cardinals sweep the series ( haha), I remember the many fun letters we passed back and forth over the years about sports.
    He loved his sports and sports teams! And he loved his family and his cousins!! I remember very well the reunion held in Wichita, Kansas many years ago. I treasure the video of that fun summer!

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