Apricots and Roller Coasters

Ace’s niece Donna (English) Tronca — she called him Uncle Dee — shares a memory that for me evokes visions of how it used to be here in Los Gatos/Monte Sereno.

I remember one of the visits as kids to Los Gatos during the summer. Bobbie, Josh, and I were going to pick apricots from the trees next to the house. The plan was to sell them to a farmers’ market and then we would have spending money to take to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz.

I was having trouble reaching the apricots on the trees, so Uncle Dee hoisted me up into one of the trees and acted as the brace so I wouldn’t fall while collecting the fruit. I also remember that at one point we all sat on the ground and ate a few of the apricots. They were warm from the sun and smelled so wonderful. There’s absolutely nothing like that in Wisconsin! We did sell our harvest and went to Santa Cruz. I was afraid to ride the roller coaster so Uncle Dee sat with me on a bench.

We originally had an acre here when Ace and Barb purchased the house in 1953. We had prunes, plums, and apricots. Across the street from us was Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad … and ten more acres of prunes and apricots.


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