An Extraordinary Superintendent

“Mr. Bagby was an extraordinary superintendent and a person of great character. He supported all the teachers in the Cambrian School District, and held every teacher he hired in high regard, and treated each one with respect. He was very personable and had good public relations skills when he related to other administrators, teachers, parents, staff, and students. He had a positive attitude, was a very happy person, and always had a smile n his face. It was a pleasure being in his company.

“I was a student teacher from San Jose State and had my regular education and Special Education assignments in the Cambrian School District in 1964. Mrs. Beatrice Henkel was my resident teacher at Fammatre School during my Special Education assignment.

“I was hired by Mr. Bagby in the spring of 1964 and taught at Fammatre School from 1964 to 1965 and at Bagby School from 1965 to 1966. It was an honor and a privilege to serve under Mr. Bagby and to serve the parents and the students in the Cambrian School District.

“I will forever be grateful that Mr. Bagby and Mrs. Henkel started me on my teaching career approximately five decades ago. My career expanded over four decades. Public school teaching is one of the best professions in our entire country.

“Mr. Bagby will be terribly missed, and he will remain in the hearts and minds of all who loved, respected, and admired him.”

~Dorothy G. Kolb

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