Ham and Ace (and Joy and Barb)

Many of you know that my father was an avid letter writer. He did it in longhand, never taking to computers or even typewriters (although we found an old one of mine in his office.)

Fred Hodgson sent us a PDF copy of a letter Ace wrote¬† to him in March of 2011 shortly after Fred’s mother Joy passed away. In the letter Ace shared some memories of his and Barbara’s lifelong (or close enough) friendship with Ham and Joy Hodgson.

Dear Bobbie and Josh,

John, Michael, and I are terribly sorry to hear about your loss of your father. No expression of sympathy — no matter how deeply felt — can help much right now, but we want you to know that our thoughts are with you. Ace and Barbara were very much a part if our parents’ lives. It was the foundation of that friendship that helped to make them the wonderful examples to others during their lives.

When I received the attached letter from your father after our mother passed in February 2011, I telephoned your father. We had a fun conversation about the remembrances of his times with Ham and Joy. I thought at the time that we was over 90 years of age and yet recalled the details of his life and memories with such accuracy. My dad spoke often of his college days with Ace, the jokes they played on each other, the war years, getting together as we all grew up and being the best man at your folks’ wedding. The four of them had many good times together and were truly participants of the Greatest Generation.

I don’t know if you have seen this letter but imagine you will enjoy reading it as others may — I believe the letter speaks for itself. My brothers and I are so grateful that Barbara and Ace were part of our parents’ lives.

Here is the letter that Fred mentions. Click on this link to open it. Letter from Ace March 9, 2011 We are very grateful to Fred for passing this treasure along.



One thought on “Ham and Ace (and Joy and Barb)

  1. Ace made working at Cambrian District unique in a fun way, faculty shows, golf tournaments and BBQ’s in his back yard. The golf was poor, but the BBQ the best. The Boss encouraged and participated in these events and set the tone for all of us.

    Ted Jones

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