We Will Miss You, Ace

“‘Ace Bagby’ — just the name brings thoughts of a man of integrity, joy, and caring. Ace was such sn important part of my life and my kindergarten children’s well-being for so many years. He was a wonderful leader, extremely helpful, and a delight as he made us laugh as he stood on his hands on the teacher’s desk.

“Ace was a pleasure to know and to work with. He always had a solution to problems. I appreciate the many things I learned from him. Ace made everyone feel special. He always took the time needed to make life happy.

“Truly Ace was a gift to our world, a one of a kind in the highest order. Ace will be truly missed by all who knew him. For his accomplishments, love, and caring, he achieved the best life offers and shared it with us. We will miss you Ace. We love you.”

~Martha Lou Reynolds


One thought on “We Will Miss You, Ace

  1. Ace (The Boss) hired me in 1948. for Cambrian’s 1st kindergarten. Ace was always so supportive and enthusiastic. It has been a pleasure to know him throughout the years.

    Phyllis Jones

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