Uncle Delos and Aunt Barbara

“Ace was our Uncle Delos. Once he told me on the phone that only family called him Delos. We could not have asked for a better uncle with such an amazing positive attitude. He was our Ace for sure. He was our mother Lorraine’s younger brother by 15 months.

“In the 1970s my Dad died and we had two small children. Ace took me aside and said that he would be their grandfather if we wanted him to be. I already loved my uncle, but this endeared him in my heart forever. Between Clarke, Nancy, and me, we had 8 kids. Now they have their own families with 12 children. Anytime there was a big event, our Aunt Barbara and Uncle Delos were at the top of the list to be the first to be invited. Barbara and Delos have always been a huge part of our family, and we were so lucky to have had them.

“Delos and Barbara were an outstanding couple for me to know and lucky enough for me to be related to. I loved them both dearly.”

~Sally Berry

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