Story of a Photo


The wave photo that is currently in the header of this website was taken on Saturday, September 21, 2013 in Pacific Grove, California.

We (Ace, Bobbie, and Josh) had gone there to visit Ace’s nephew Jack English who had flown in from Tasmania, Australia after a side trip to Wisconsin to visit his sister, Ace’s niece, Donna Tronca. Jack had invited us to Pacific Grove for a reunion lunch to celebrate Ace’s 95th birthday, which officially was the day before.

It was a beautiful sunny day. The waves were vigorous and the sea was deep blue. We had arrived in Pacific Grove early (a family trait) and had a few moments to spare, so we went to ponder the ocean. This area was a mainstay hangout for both my parents during their youth. I snapped a few wave photos because the scenery was so splendid.

We met at Fandango Restaurant in Pacific Grove. Another of Ace’s nieces, Judy Paterson, and Jack’s daughter Carla English and her boyfriend Carlos were also there.


Ace Bagby, Jack English, Carla English, Judy Paterson

Jack informed us that he had just asked his companion Kate to marry him, and she had accepted. I just got word today that the couple got married May 26 in Australia. Congratulations to Jack and Kate!

Ace, Jack, and Kate

Ace, Jack, and Kate


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