Ace Organizes the Angels

“Ace hired first my mother, then me, then my brother. Yes, we all had teaching credentials!!!

“I LOVE the picture of Ace hurdling the folding chairs!!!

“I never saw Ace in a bad mood. He was always positive, and energetic. I was getting Christmas cards from him, and I phoned him a few times … always sounded good.

“I know he and Barbara are together, and that Ace is organizing a sporting event for the angels, and anybody else who wants to join in.

“St. Mary’s Episcopal Church will say a “repose of the soul of Ace Bagby” and the Disciples of Christ Church, also in Pacific Grove, will pray for him and his loved ones still with us on this plane of existence. God love you, and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you.”

~Margie Colson and all the Colsons (Margie, Jim, Janet, and Betsy)

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