A Wonderful Human Being

“Many of us lost not only a father but a “Boss” and wonderful human being. As one of his principals for many years, I have fond memories of my relationship with him. He was never too busy to take my phone calls and ask for advice on a problem and was always friendly and supportive when I met with him in his office. He had an upbeat spirit and a happy heart, and loved all his employees.

“After we retired we exchanged many phone calls and letters written in his superb handwriting. He was a man who left an impact on all who worked for him and met him. His life will always be a part of my life. He is now with Barbara again.

“My wife remembers him as her 7th grade teacher in Pacific Grove, the most wonderful teacher she ever had.”

~Sal Colletto

One thought on “A Wonderful Human Being

  1. I believe Mr. Bagby (as we properly called him) first came to be the Principal of Cambrian School in 1943 or 1944. My sister Lillie Meleen (deceased in December 2012) had him in 8th grade, Class of 1946. I do remember that Mr. Bagby brought in his aunt, Mrs. Helen Hobson, to teach our 4th grade class in 1944-’45. And I have his signature on my 8th grade diploma – Cambrian Class of 1949. My older brother Dan (deceased – 1996) was the pitcher on the Cambrian softball team in the spring of 1948. They excelled and beat all of the nearby schools. When the team was selected for a playoff game, Mr. Bagby went to the expense of renting a mower and cutting the tall grass on our ball field. He was always an inspiration to us.

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