The Neighborhood As It Was

Looking north across Daves

This is especially for our Monte Sereno neighbors.

When we moved to our house late in 1952, Monte Sereno wasn’t Monte Sereno yet. It was county land, but we had Los Gatos services.

Across Daves Avenue from our house was the prune orchard around which Billy Jones’ Wildcat Railroad chugged on many Sunday afternoons. After Billy Jones died in 1968, the train was relocated to Oak Meadow Park.

Daves Avenue did not have sidewalks then. We had a gravel turnaround in front of our property. As a kid, I used to love the great mud puddles that would appear during each rain.

The photo of our pet pooch with the orchard in the background was taken in 1962. Every spring the field across the street would erupt in a sheet of yellow mustard grass, a delight to my eyes even as a boy.

(Click on photos to enlarge the view.)

Looking east

When this shot looking east was taken around 1955, Michael Lane did not exist. Our driveway had not yet been paved, nor had the fence beyond the shrubbery been erected.

There was a walnut orchard between our property and the next house. It belonged to the Toso Family.

Bobbie and I had long since left home when the Tosos and Ace and Barbara sold some property to Michael DeBono, a contractor. He built Michael Lane and six new homes. By then the Jones’ property on the other side of Daves Avenue had been developed, and Ace and Barbara had made new friends and neighbors.

Looking west

Here is a shot looking west from around 1957. That’s Ace in the front yard raking leaves.

Our family owned a half-acre lot just beyond the lawn where we Bagbys maintained prune, plum, and apricot trees.

The magnolia tree had just been planted in the front lawn. The cedar deodara (off-camera) that now dominates the property was just a babe, too.

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