Bagby Elementary School

Bagby School Dedication April 12, 1958

This photo was taken on the occasion of the dedication of the D.M.Bagby Elementary School on April 12, 1958.

Pictured from left to right are Shirley Simpson Bagby (Ace’s father) and his wife Kay, Bobbie Bagby, Mable Stutzman (Barbara Bagby’s mother), Lorraine Congdon (Ace’s sister), Barbara Bagby (Ace’s wife), Delos “Ace” Bagby, Joshua Bagby (Ace’s son), and Nina Basford (Ace’s mother.)

(Click on photo for an enlarged view.)

Over the years since then, one of the most satisfying experiences for Ace was to encounter someone who went to or who was touched by the Bagby School. It gave him a sense of all the lives he touched.

A neighbor would bring over someone who wanted to meet the man for whom the school was named. A receptionist had kids who went to Bagby School. The heater repair guy or the medical assistant or the friend of a friend all had a connection to Curtner and Leigh Avenue which borders the school.


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