Ace’s 95th Birthday

Delos M Bagby

On the occasion of Ace’s 95th birthday back on September 20, 2013, neighbors Al and Sharon Weger and their daughter Ashley threw a birthday party for the honorary superintendent of the neighborhood. It was a beautiful affair with luncheon and all the neighbors in the cul-de-sac were invited.

A delicious birthday cake that came with a photo of Ace emblazoned on it was a special treat.

At the end of the day when the three of us were home alone, Ace said nostalgically that it was the first time in his life that anyone had thrown a birthday party like that in his honor. He was very touched.

We in the family were surprised. We’d of course had family parties, a regular tradition, but this event struck a very special chord for Ace and coincidentally was a previously unknown item that could be removed from his bucket list.


4 thoughts on “Ace’s 95th Birthday

  1. Josh all of these warm memories are making me cry. You have worked very hard to give all of us a sweet remembrance of Ace. You have done well! Mona

  2. Our family has such wonderful memories of Ace. The memory of Ace waving to us when standing by his mailbox will be eternally engraved upon us. His helpful hand of installing a basketball hoop, although using at least a ton of cement, for Shelley and Ashley with the help of Gay Helm will always be appreciated. And, of course, his attentive, listening ear, warm smiles and dear hugs will forever be missed. Ace was a cornerstone of our neighborhood. He will be truly missed. Josh & Bobbie, our sympathies for your loss are extended. What a wonderful legacy your Dad (and Mom) have left.
    The Wegers,
    Al, Sharon, Shelley & Ashley

    • As the memories pour through this website, I am getting a deeper appreciation for who my father was to so many different people. Seeing my father through your eyes is a treasure. What is pretty amazing is that some of the traits frequently mentioned about Ace (a listener, not driven by status, a healing hugger) are favorite traits and values of mine. ~Josh

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